ET Online reports that Antonella Barba, American Idol alum, has been arrested for allegedly trying to distribute heroin. Barba was booked in Virginia on Friday and faces a felony charge for heroin distribution of 100 grams or more. She has a court date set for today and is being held without bond.

Barba is known for appearing on the sixth season of American Idol in 2007. She had just missed being selected for the top 12 singers, just about the same time she was making the news for taking wet t-shirt photos at the WWII memorial in Washington, DC.

Barba was later charged with two misdemeanor charges for shoplifting in Manhattan, New York. The following year, she appeared on an episode of Fear Factor. She has since appeared in multiple short films, including 2017’s All About the Money and a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Titled “Where Are They Now?”

Another Idol alum, Haley Reinhart, was arrested last year for one count of battery after a bar fight in Chicago. She was convicted in February, but the judge agreed to strike it from her record if she could stay out of legal trouble for the next two years.

*Photo credit Steve Mack/Getty Images