news reports that a woman has been accused of killing her boyfriend and faking her own kidnapping as a cover-up. Sharalyn Stura was allegedly kidnapped and authorities began to search for a suspect that was supposedly armed. She was found alone, in her car, off of I-17 in Arizona. Her hands were tied to the wheel and she told police she’d been kidnapped by an armed intruder from her home in Prescott. The suspect then allegedly told her to drive toward Rimrock, which is an hour away.

Stura is 57, and told officers she escaped her kidnapper and drove away on her own from an area near Montezuma Wall. A passerby eventually came to her aid, and she says the armed attacker fled on foot. This resulted in an extensive search for the alleged attacker.

During the search, officers were dispatched to her home to find the body of Jay Michael Freeman, 66, fatally shot. Stura was in a relationship with Freeman and the two lived together.

Conflicting information was then realized between scene evidence and Stura’s interviews. Officers believe her accounts were largely fabricated. She admitted she had a role in the shooting of Freeman. She has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

No other suspects have come to light in the case.

*Photo credit Prescott Police Department