Spencer Thomas Wamsley was arrested Thursday after Weld County police had been called to his house at least three times. Earlier this month, it is alleged that the suspect assaulted his girlfriend and threatened the Weld County Police Department.

Before apprehending the suspect, he had at least six warrants out for his arrest. Authorities describe how witnesses heard the suspect bragging about not going to jail after beating his girlfriend. Witnesses allege the suspect also suggested a desire to “shoot it out with police”. Authorities suspect the man regularly used methamphetamine and possessed an illegal sawed-off shotgun.

The suspect was at large for over three weeks before being apprehended. Earlier in March, police were called for a domestic disturbance incident, but the suspect fled in a Jeep Grand Cherokee before authorities arrived on scene. Police are certain that Wamsley assaulted his girlfriend the night of this incident.

Police again made contact with Wamsley when they attempted to pull his vehicle over at a traffic stop. The sheriff’s office describes pursing the vehicle, but Wamsley was travelling at dangerously high speeds. After putting out stop-sticks, Wamsley drove into a witnesses’ front yard to avoid them. The dangerous pursuit was called off, and he eluded police again that night.

After visiting the home for the third time on March 28th, police found Wamsley and pursued the suspect on foot. He was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges. Anyone with information regarding the crimes of this suspect is encouraged to reach out to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at 970-356-4015.