Newsweek reports that an Army veteran has been arrested for threatening to kill an Uber driver in Colorado Springs. The Uber driver reported “fearing for his life” when Sean Scappaticci, 29, was riding in his Uber vehicle.

The driver was of Middle Eastern descent and in his 20’s. Scappaticci stated he “hated brown people” and told him he was a former Army Ranger who had killed several families overseas. The driver stopped the vehicle and ran when Scappaticci chased after him and threatened to hurt him. When police arrived, Scappaticci continued to comment about wanting to "kill all the brown people."

As police were transporting Scappaticci, he broke the rear window of a police vehicle. He then began resisting and fighting with police when they tried to remove him from the back seat.

Scappaticci was arrested and charged with bias-motivated crime, obstructing a police officer and attempting to escape. He is being held at the El Paso County Jail on $800 bond.

He served as an Army Ranger for four years and was discharged as a private first class. He was also awarded two achievement medals from the Army and deployed to Afghanistan.

Uber says they are investigating the incident and have blocked Scappaticci from using the service again.

A similar incident occurred in a Lyft vehicle in early October when the driver felt threatened by a self-proclaimed Trump supporter who wanted to argue with him about music. The passenger, Robert Ortiz, accused the driver of not changing music in the car because he was gay. Ortiz was fired from his job at the CityMD after the incident with the Lyft driver.

*Photo credit Colorado Springs Police Department