The Washington Post reports that an arrest has been made in the fatal stabbing case of a D.C. runner. Anthony Marquell Crawford, 23, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a female runner on Tuesday night near her apartment in D.C. Crawford lives in Northwest Washington and was found at a park at 14th and Girard Street. He was injured when he was arrested because he did not go willfully.

Witnesses to the attack gave a detailed description of the assailant that allowed police to capture him quickly. He was described as wearing a mustard-colored shirt and rolled up sweatpants.

Wendy Martinez, 35, was stabbed around 8 p.m. before she staggered into a local restaurant where bystanders tried to save her. She was employed at an Internet start-up and was a graduate of Georgetown University, graduating in 2012 with a Master’s degree in Latin American studies. Martinez also loved to run.

There has not been a motive discovered in the case, and Martinez was not robbed during the attack. Police describe it as an “unprovoked attack.”

Crawford was charged with misdemeanor theft in July and that case is pending. There is no prior record of violent crimes in his name.

A knife was recovered at the scene.

*Photo credit N/A/Family photo