In today’s world, anyone can go online and make threatening comments somewhat anonymously, but police have been increasingly taking these online threats as serious and credible evidence of a pending criminal act.

Authorities were alerted about a post made on social media on October 8th at about 3 A.M. The message, which was posted on Twitter, appeared to threaten at least two schools in Davie, Florida. Police immediately responded, and all students arriving to Nova Middle School and Nova High School were supported with an additional police presence throughout Monday. The Davis Police Department confirmed the threat on their own social media page, and they said that they have taken a suspect into custody. They do not think there is any further threat to the schools.

One Nova High School student told news media outlets that he had heard about the threat on Instagram the night before school, but he “didn’t think much of it.” Just last week, four Nova schools, including the middle and high school included in the most recent threat, were placed on a Code Red lockdown after a similar threat. A suspect had made an anonymous telephone call threatening to “shoot up” the schools. Police tracked down the suspect, a 15-year-old boy, and took him into custody. Davie Police are calling the boy “intellectually disabled,” and they have confirmed that the threat was not credible. Reportedly, the photographs of guns the suspect posted online were not real pictures.

Broward school officials confirmed that those arrested for such disturbing threats will be charged with a second-degree felony whether or not they are deemed credible or not.