After weeks of terrorizing Austin, the serial bomber has been identified. The threat has been neutralized after the suspect, Mark Anthony Conditt, died in an explosion of his own making. Authorities described how Conditt killed himself inside of his own car with one of his homemade bombs. On the evening of March 2nd, authorities had released an arrest warrant for Conditt, so he already knew the police were on to him. Authorities arrived at the hotel Conditt was staying at. When he noticed officers, Conditt got into his vehicle and drove away. Just before dawn, the bomber drove to the side of Interstate 35 in Round Rock. As police approached the vehicle, Conditt detonated an explosive.

After investigators recovered Conditt’s belongings, they discovered he had left a 25-minute cell phone recording confessing his crimes. Friends and neighbors of the suspect described him as an intense loner who grew up in a deeply religious and close family. FBI agents searched the suspect’s home, and they found more components for bomb-making. Authorities did not recover any finished bombs, but the area was evacuated throughout Wednesday as police cleared the area.

Authorities believe that the suspect was the primary threat, but they haven’t ruled out the possibility that others may have also been involved in the bombing spree. They are warning Austin’s citizens to remain vigilant because they aren’t sure whether any more package bombs were delivered before the suspect killed himself. Investigators are fairly confident that the same man was behind all of the explosives due to the similarity of all the devices.