Fox News reports that a man has been arrested in Arizona in connection with the murder of a Scottsdale woman over three years ago. Ian Mitcham, 42, was arrested in Scottsdale Tuesday morning after DNA evidence tied him to the murder of Allison Feldman, 31. Mitcham faces first degree murder charges.

Feldman’s body was found in her home February 18, 2015 by her boyfriend. She was nude and smelled of bleach. The medical examiner determined she died from trauma to the head.

Forensic evidence is what led police to suspect Mitcham in the murder. When a DNA profile was initially obtained from the scene, there was no match for it found in the databases at the time. However, using familial DNA in 2017, which compares DNA evidence to similar genetic samples, Mitcham became a suspect.

Utilizing familial DNA testing widens the ability to search for additional suspects, even if their particular profile isn’t currently in the databases. A match can be determined by finding people with very similar genetic code that are family members of the actual perpetrator. says Mitcham’s brother’s profile was in the databases and used to identify him. The brother is in prison for an unrelated crime. Then, in 2015, Mitcham was arrested for a DUI and a blood sample was used to match his DNA to the crime evidence in the Feldman case.

Police say that Mitcham allegedly sexually assaulted Feldman with a beer bottle before strangling and bludgeoning her to death.

As of now, there is no apparent link between Mitcham and Feldman that has been determined by police. Mitcham is currently being held on a $5 million bond.


* Photo credit Fox News