news reports that a missing toddler and his dad are believed to be found dead in a burning SUV. The body of a missing 2-year-old and his father have been found in Virginia. John Ligurgo III, 43, of Long Island, and his son went missing earlier in the week while the two were together during regular visitation. When the boy wasn’t dropped off at the mother’s home as expected, authorities were alerted.

A fire was extinguished at Ligurgo’s home the same day they were reported missing. Two beds had been set fire, but there was no sign of either of them there. The mother told authorities Ligurgo had a gun in the home, but it wasn’t found while investigating the fire.

Ligurgo’s black Jeep Cherokee was seen crossing the George Washington Bridge on surveillance video. A search across multiple states ensued.

The bodies of Ligurgo and his son were discovered in the burning vehicle; both had gunshot wounds.

An AMBER Alert wasn’t issued because the request submitted to the New York State Police was denied. Ligurgo had no criminal history and had never harmed the child. It is apparent there was a custody battle brewing between Ligurgo and the boy’s mother.

*Photo credit Suffolk County Police