Jerrod W. Baum and his live-in girlfriend were just apprehended by Utah County Sheriffs after two dead bodes were found in a Eureka mine. Authorities reported arresting Morgan Henderson, Baum’s girlfriend, during a routine traffic stop. Police charged Henderson with possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of a controlled substance and driving without a license. She was reportedly driving with knives, an axe, a rifle and a box of ammunition.

Within 48 hours of Henderson’s arrest, police obtained information that led them to discover two dead bodies in the Eureka mine. The victims are believed to be two teens, Breezy Otteson and Riley Powell, who have been missing since December 30, 2017. Previously in the investigation, police had obtained Facebook messages between one of the missing teens and Baum. The teens had agreed to meet at Baum’s house before they disappeared. Henderson had initially told authorities that the girls never came to the home, but she later backtracked and claimed the girls had visited to smoke marijuana and then left.

Authorities report that Henderson confessed her boyfriend made disturbing statements about the teens. She reported Baum being furious and jealous that the teens were in the home, and “it was too bad, because he had never killed anyone innocent before.” She also told police that Baum made the male teen suffer in his jealous rage. She led police to the bodies.

Baum is charged with two counts of aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of abuse to a deceased human body, possession of a dangerous weapon, witness tampering and obstructing justice. The suspect was previously charged with murder in 1991.