Last month, Sheriff Scott Stephenson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Stephenson, who works with the Midland County Police Department, profusely apologized to the public for his behavior, and everyone seemed to move forward from the ordeal. Now, the incident is surfacing once again after one officer’s body cam footage was discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request.

On November 16, a concerned citizen driving along Lund Road noticed a vehicle that was pulled off to the side of the road. The individual noticed the driver appeared to be completely slumped over and unresponsive. She was alarmed, so she reached out to the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the situation. Once officers arrived, the body cam footage begins. The officer approaches the driver’s side of the car, and Stephenson can be seen sleeping inside. Initially, Stephenson doesn’t respond to the officer. Eventually, he wakes up and asks what the officer is doing. After explaining the situation, the officer began asking Stephenson if he had been drinking. He admitted to have been drinking earlier in the day, but he tried to argue that he had not been driving.

After a few more questions, Sheriff Stephenson asks the officer if she knows who he is. She doesn’t recognize him, and he yells out “I’m the (expletive) Midland County sheriff!” Eventually, he is asked to perform sobriety tests, which he fails. He blew into the breathalyzer and reached an astonishing 0.233. He begins asking the officers for leniency saying, “Jesus Christ, I’m a sheriff…You can’t take me to (expletive) jail.”