The Associated Press reports that police have found a body in a car trunk and believe it to be an 89-year-old missing woman. The body was found in the trunk of a car in Portland, Oregon during a targeted traffic stop. The 89-year-old woman went missing last week, and the driver of the car was arrested and charged with murder.

The identity of the body is being confirmed by the Medical Examiner’s Office, and it has been determined the cause of death was homicidal violence.

Timothy J. Mackley, 58, was driving the car and is being held without bail until his scheduled court hearing on Wednesday. It is unclear whether Mackley has an attorney at this time.

The alleged victim, Marcine Herinck, went missing on September 19 and disappeared from her Portland home. She lived there alone and had some memory issues.

Crews searched for her for days, until police received a tip that indicated foul play was involved and that Mackley may be a person of interest in the case. Using this information, police stopped Mackley and found the body in his trunk.

Mackley has felony convictions on his record for assault and sodomy. He also told the court that he is schizophrenic and bipolar, and lives on less than $1,000 a month in disability payments. In his spare time, he drives people to their Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Mackley’s address of record is less than a mile from the area where Herinck was last seen walking at 7:30 a.m.

*photo credit The Associated Press