Sean Ingram, a 64-year-old firefighter, was just arrested by Boston Police. Just one day prior to retiring, Ingram allegedly smashed into a police car and fled the area. According to officers, Ingram was belligerent when he was arrested on March 29th.

It’s suspected that Ingram collided with the police cruiser intentionally. Officer Brendan Murphy first pulled the suspect over on the Expressway. He noticed damage to the front bumper, and the officer asked the suspect to wait in his car. While the officer returned to his cruiser, the suspect accelerated away quickly, dangerously swerved between lanes and then exited onto Gallivan Boulevard. The suspect stopped at Walgreens. When Officer Murphy caught up with the suspect, he reversed into the trooper’s car.

Officer Murphy reports that the suspect began yelling about how the cop had rear-ended him. The officer was then called a loser by the suspect, but the officer smelled alcohol on Ingram’s breath. Officer Murphy contacted his supervisor who arrived and performed field sobriety tests on the suspect. Ingram failed and called the officers “Nazis”.

The District Attorney’s office notes that this is Ingram’s second arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence. He is additionally being charged with leaving the scene of a collision after causing damage, resisting arrest and assault with a dangerous weapon. His bail is set at $500, and he is expected to return to court in June. He was set to retire from his job as a firefighter the next day, but Fire Department officials are taking his charges “very seriously”.