Bow Wow, a famous rapper, has just been arrested in Atlanta after a domestic altercation with his on-and-off again girlfriend. His girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, was also taken into police custody after the fight because both suspects sustained injuries. In Bow Wow’s now viral mugshot, he is seen with two large scrape marks on his forehead and another deep cut under his right eye.

Police became involved in the situation at around 4:15 A.M. The woman reached out to police and claimed that Bow Wow had assaulted her, so they quickly made their way to the scene. Once they arrived, they could see Bow Wow had visible injuries. He claimed that the woman was the one who had been doing the assaulting.

Police officers were not able to determine who the primary aggressor was, so they ultimately decided to arrest both parties who took part in the altercation.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is charging both suspects with battery involving substantial physical harm. Both individuals are now facing an $8,000 bond.

Bow Wow’s lawyer has released a statement concerning the ordeal. He claims his client was wrongfully arrested after he failed to defend himself from the woman’s attacks. His attorney argues Bow Wow is the real victim in this case, as is clear by the mugshots alone. His statement alleges that the woman, who was intoxicated, began throwing several things at the rapper including a lamp. She also reportedly tried to bite and spit on him. He continued to try to avoid the woman and never attempted to defend himself by putting his hands on her.