In the early hours of January 5th, the Torrance Police Department sent out a Tweet alerting the public about an ongoing shooting situation in Southern California. Police encouraged people to stay away from the general area around the bowling alley and warned that multiple shots had been fired.

According to initial reports, two large groups were gathered at the Gable House Bowl at around midnight on Friday. The two groups reportedly began arguing around the entrance of the establishment. Onlookers reported the verbal altercation lasted about five minutes before an unidentified gunman began shooting. Witnesses described the scene as “chaotic,” as multiple people were hit by flying bullets. Others rushed to take cover behind the bar, at the back of the bowling alley and outside the establishment.

Police rushed to the bowling alley when reports surfaced about the gunman. Three men were immediately pronounced dead as a result of their gunshots including 28-year-old Astin Edwards, 28-year-old Robert Meekins Jr. and 20-year-old Michael Radford. Family members of Astin Edwards report that he was attempting to break up the mass brawl when he was fatally shot. Four additional victims were injured. Police reported that two of the victims sought out their own medical treatment by the time emergency medical responders had arrived on scene. The other two gunshot victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Now, a widespread manhunt has been launched for the perpetrator responsible for the shooting. A triple homicide investigation was initiated, but police have not yet released the identities of the potential suspects.