Early on April 3rd, Crekasafra Night was driving along in Newport when he noticed a seemingly out of place teen wandering the streets. It was only 8 A.M., so Night decided to stop and ask the young boy if he needed help. When he stopped his vehicle, he realized the hooded boy was very anxious and had bruises all over his face. The teenager begged Night, “Please help me. I just want to get home.” The boy became extremely emotional and began saying that he’d been kidnapped and forced into some sort of slavery ring. He claimed to have just escaped from a nearby hotel in Ohio.

Night immediately called the police. Investigators arrived on scene and were completely shocked when the boy identified himself as Timmothy Pitzen. While his identity has not yet been confirmed, the community is already abuzz about the possibility that the teen is Pitzen.

Pitzen went missing back in May of 2011. He was only six-years-old at the time. Pitzen was last seen getting checked out of his elementary school by his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen. A few days later, Amy was found deceased in a hotel room. It appeared that she’d committed suicide, and she’d left behind a note saying that her son was in good hands. Detectives on the case have spent years searching for the boy but to no avail.

Now, a 14-year-old has emerged claiming to be Pitzen. The police and community are ecstatic and excited to perform a DNA test to confirm the boy’s identity. Timmothy’s grandmother has spoken out to media outlets and confirmed she’s cautiously optimistic. She explained, “We never stopped looking for him.”