The Newark Police Department responded to a call about a fight that broke out in a local McDonalds that led to the arrest of two.

According to police reports and witness statements, both a woman and man got into a verbal altercation within the eatery. 62-year-old Stephen Mikulcik was seen confronting the woman. It remains unclear exactly what started the heated altercation, but things escalated to the point where the woman exited the store to enlist the help of her boyfriend.

The enraged boyfriend, 59-year-old Elbert Woodson, stormed into the store and began to attack Mikulcik. Police confirmed that the initial attack left Mikulcik with a severely bruised left eye. While Woodson and his girlfriend believed the incident was over after the massive blow, Mikulcik only became more fueled with rage. He rushed out to his vehicle and grabbed a container of chemical spray.

He rushed back into the McDonalds and began indiscriminately using the spray on any and all of the restaurant’s patrons. He began punching several people within his immediate vicinity. Thankfully, one retired officer and one off-duty policeman were present during the incident. They called local police and restrained the man until police arrived on scene.

Emergency medical personnel treated several of the store’s patrons for injuries. At least three victims needed to be transported to a local hospital for further care.

Mikulcik was immediately arrested. He faces multiple charges including second-degree reckless endangering, disorderly conduct, offensive touching and second-degree assault. They also issued an arrest warrant for Woodson for both disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.