Last month, Stephon Clark was killed during an interaction with two Sacramento police officers. The disturbing shooting occurred when police were called out to a neighborhood in search of a suspect who was breaking out car windows. Stephon Clark was in his grandparent’s backyard holding his cell phone. Police, who mistakenly believed the cell phone was a weapon, shot the suspect.

The tragedy has greatly impacted the victim’s family and community. Stephon’s brother, Stevante Clark, has been struggling to cope with it all. According to one of Clark’s relatives, Stevante wasn’t coping well with the death of his brother due to the intense amount of media and public attention surrounding the incident. Earlier this month, he was submitted to a mental health facility to help him through his grief.

Just one month after the fatal shooting, Stevante Clark has been arrested by the same Sacramento County Police Department that shot his brother. Clark is facing charges including calling 911 to harass and suspicion of threatening to cause death or serious injury. A press release also noted that the Sacramento Police Department may decide to pursue additional charges of felony assault and felony vandalism. His charges make him ineligible for bail, but it is currently set at an unachievable $1 million.

Due to the massive amounts of publicity surrounding the Clark family, the Sacramento Police department hasn’t provided the media with any additional information surrounding this arrest. Stevante is scheduled to appear in court on April 20th.