The Cincinnati Police Department made an unorthodox arrest on April 27th. The suspect, Jamie Revis, is accused of stealing a rare butterfly species from the Krohn Conservatory earlier in the month, and she is now facing criminal charges for her actions at the exhibit.

The original incident occurred on April 15. Police were called out to the conservatory after employees noticed the Blue Morpho African Butterfly was missing. One conservatory staff member had noticed the suspect acting strangely in the butterfly exhibit and had confronted her. She started to run off, so the employee called for backup. The suspect was able to flee the property with the animal, and surveillance footage captured the entire ordeal.

Court documents indicate that Revis was identified when police compared the surveillance footage to Instagram photographs of the suspect. She was later arrested at 3 p.m. on April 27th.

Revis was in court on April 28th. She has plead not guilty to stealing the butterfly, but police from the Springfield Township found various species of butterfly at the suspect’s home. They did not recover the Blue Morpho African butterfly in question. This specific species of butterfly requires a tropical climate to survive, and it’s unclear whether the suspect intended to keep the animal alive. The butterfly has a short lifespan of only 115 days, so it’s not apparent whether the butterfly may have naturally passed away from the trauma of leaving its home. It’s also possible that the butterfly could have escaped into the wild. Federal regulations prevent this species of butterfly from living outside of proper exhibits, so it’s important to notify authorities if you spot this unique species of butterfly in your neighborhood. The motive behind this strange claim is still undetermined.