news reports that a bystander was able to help police catch an armed man running from police when he tripped the suspect. The Columbus, Ohio police were able to arrest the man after the incident on April 3, and just released video of the bystander tripping him.

Identified as “Bill,” the bystander says he could see the police were chasing the man and he had something in his waistband. He also noticed the closest officer was still fairly far behind the runner. Although “Bill” uses a cane, he was able to trip the running suspect and allow police to catch him. At the time, "Bill" was leaving the library with his granddaughter.

“Bill” stuck his back leg out to trip the running suspect. Police say this probably saved the 18-year-old’s life, as he was carrying a Glock 9 MM with 29 rounds in a high-capacity extended clip. Had the chase come to a face-off, the man may have been shot by police because he had a weapon. He also has a lengthy criminal record, but is now back in jail.

No information has been given about why the suspect was being chased.

*Photo credit Columbus Division of Police