A high school teacher working at the University Preparatory High School in California recently had what appeared to be an all-too public meltdown that horrified her students. Police were forced to respond to the bizarre situation and take the teacher into custody. The strange incident, which was all captured on cell phone video and posted online, resulted in criminal charges against the suspect.

Margaret Gieszinger, the 52-year-old teacher, was reportedly teaching her first period chemistry class went things went awry. Students allege that the teacher intentionally came into the room armed with a pair of scissors. She immediately told the kids that it was hair cut day. Students were understandably confused and believed it was possibly a prank. One student pulled out their cell phone and began taping the whole ordeal.

The video clearly shows the teacher beginning to belt out The Star-Spangled Banner very loudly as she approached a seated male student. She continued to sing as she chopped off a large chunk of the child’s hair and flung it behind her. He attempted to get up and leave, but the teacher told him “You’re not done.” The student, who does not want to be publicly identified, was horrified by the incident. He promptly stood up and ran out of the classroom. Even more disturbingly, the teacher continued her tirade. She focused her attention on a female student and began to grab a chunk of her long hair. The female student was able to get away, and the rest of the class began screaming and running out of the room.

Once other staff members became aware of the issue, the police were called. The suspect was taken into custody shortly later and charged with felony child endangerment. Her bail is currently set at $100,000.