Rudy Peters, a Californian Republican seeking a congressional seat, was attacked by a deranged man with a switchblade over the weekend. Peters was reportedly campaigning and had set up a booth for a meet and greet with voters. The booth was located at the Castro Valley Fall Festival.

Peters was standing guard at the booth with his family. They were handing out campaign yard signs and pamphlets when they were approached by a voter, Farzad Fazeli. The Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office reports that Fazeli began making hostile and threatening remarks about the entire Republican party and its elected officials.

The situation continued to escalate until Fazeli pulled out a switchblade. Fazeli fumbled with the blade momentarily due to a malfunction before attempting to stab the congressional candidate. Peters’ quick thinking led him to grab up a campaign yard sign, which he used to push Fazeli away from the booth and his family.

Fazeli, possibly realizing his mistake, attempted to run away. Authorities were already on their way to the scene, so they were able to quickly apprehend the suspect. He was still carrying his switchblade when police took him into custody.

There have been conflicting stories about the incident. Fazeli’s family members, who were working at a nearby Democratic booth, told police and news reporters that the Republican candidate had attacked their son first. Despite this, police are firmly arguing that Peters acted in complete self-defense. Peters was allowed to return to his campaign booth and continue with his campaign, while Fazeli was taken to jail. He faces multiple charges including possession of a switchblade, brandishing a weapon, felony assault and making criminalistic threats.