Joaquin Arambula, a lawmaker in the state of California, is facing extreme public embarrassment after being arrested on December 10th. Fresno Police officers apprehended the suspect under the suspicion of child cruelty.

According to officers, an initial complaint was filed with their department when a young child informed school staff at Dailey Elementary Charter School about an injury. Staff members at the school examined the injury and made the decision to contact child protective services. The agency reached out to Fresno Police. Both Joaquin and his wife, Elizabeth Arambula, were immediately called in for questioning, while the child was interviewed about the incident.

The child’s statement reflected the fact that her father, Joaquin, intentionally inflicted the injury in question on December 9th. The injury was not considered extreme enough to warrant hospital treatment. Joaquin, who had an attorney present, declined to provide a statement to police. Despite Joaquin’s reluctance to talk, police were “confident” that he had committed the crime, so he was charged with willful cruelty to a child. He was charged with the misdemeanor crime before being released from police custody.

Community members of Fresno are shocked at the allegations against the Californian assemblyman. He was elected back in April of 2016 to represent the 31st Assembly District of California. His biography describes him as the first elected Latino physician in California who resides with his wife and three daughters. Further details about the child and her injuries are not being released because of child confidentiality laws.