A 911 call to a Minnesota Police Department has gone viral after a hilarious misunderstanding. The Jordan Police Department confirmed that they took the incident very seriously, but it still turned out to be quite funny.

The whole ordeal began on February 28th, which was unusually cold for mid-March even for Minnesota. Local temperatures in the area were around -10 degrees Fahrenheit, a dangerous temperature to be out and about. Minnesota is experiencing such cold temperatures and cutting wind chills due to an arctic air mass.

During the extreme weather event, an unidentified man became increasingly worried when they noticed a man standing outside in the frigid cold. The man did not appear to have a jacket on, and he was eerily hugging onto a pillow. The witness was concerned for the man, but they were hesitant to approach the person because they also adorned a creepy smile and stare. The person was completely motionless, and it was unsettling to the witness.

The bizarre situation led the witness to call 911 and ask the police to initiate an immediate well-check on the “deranged” person. Police approached the scene, but they couldn’t contain their laughter when they realized the strange individual was actually a very realistic-looking cardboard cutout. The figure was hugging the pillow because it’s apparently a replica of MyPillow’s CEO Mike Lindell.

The cardboard cutout figure was taken into police custody, where officers used the figure to make light-hearted social media posts. Police noted that the caller made the right decision to call police rather than approach the cutout because they did believe it was a “deranged person.” They furthered, it’s “always better to call the police,” when you’re unsure about a situation.