Hollywood was shocked when mega-pop star Cher had her California mansion raided on September 27th by several police detectives. According to the Ventura County Police Department, the officers were executing a search warrant for Donovan Ruiz who lives in the home.

23-year-old Ruiz, who is reportedly Cher’s assistant’s son, became a person of interest to the police when they learned he may have played a significant role in a recent drug overdose. The overdose occurred in Thousand Oaks, California, and the victim later died to due to complications from the drug. Police have significant reason to believe that Ruiz was the victim’s dealer who supplied him with the fatal narcotics. After investigating the overdose over the last two weeks, police issued the arrest warrant for Ruiz. The suspect was reportedly living at the singer’s residence, so a search warrant for the mansion was also ordered and served at the home.

Several police cruisers, ambulances and fire trucks descended on Cher’s mansion to serve the warrant, but police have adamantly confirmed to media outlets that 72-year-old Cher was not involved in these crimes in any way. She was not at home during the police raid. Cher is currently performing as part of an international tour, and her next concert is scheduled to happen on September 28 in Australia. Cher has not yet made any public statements about this recent incident.

Police made the decision to bring reinforcements because they feared violence may erupt during the suspect’s arrest. Paramedics were on standby at the scene, but they were thankfully not needed. Investigators found Ruiz on the property and quickly took him into custody. He has been charged with the felony offense of supplying narcotics to a person who dies as a result.