Chris Brown, the extremely famous pop star, is no stranger to negative publicity. On July 5th, Brown got into more trouble when he was arrested after performing at a local concert in Palm Beach County.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Chris Brown already had an outstanding arrest warrant regarding a felony battery charge before putting on his most recent show. The felony charge dates back to April of 2017 when the singer allegedly got violent with a photographer. The person was attempting to take photos of Chris Brown while he danced in the club. When Brown noticed the photographer, he decided to punch him to stop the perceived violation of privacy. Further details about the arrest warrant and charges are forthcoming.

Police were aware that the superstar was planning on performing, so they came out to the show and waited to execute the warrant at the conclusion of his performance. Chris Brown was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at around 11 P.M., but he was quickly released when he paid a $2,000 bond. Authorities confirmed the famous popstar was only detained in jail for about an hour.

Currently, Chris Brown is scheduled to perform multiple different shows across the nation to promote his newest music album. The day after his arrest, Brown was scheduled to put on another show in Tampa, Florida. It’s unclear whether or not Brown’s arrest and future court proceedings will interfere with the singer’s Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour.