US Weekly reports that Chris Hansen, best known as the host of To Catch a Predator, has been arrested for writing bad checks. He was arrested on Monday after turning himself in to police. Hansen, 59, ordered nearly $13,000 in promotional merchandise from Promotional Sales Limited for marketing events. The merchandise was delivered in 2017, but Hansen didn’t pay owner Peter Psichopaidas for it.

Hansen sent a check for the amount due, but it bounced. He then apologized to the owner and tried to make a partial payment. However, by April 2018 Psichopaidas hadn’t received payment and filed a complaint with the police department.

After an investigator called Hansen about the complaint, he never showed up at the department. Hansen later promised Psichopaidas that his wife would bring a check to him, but never showed. Hansen sent a check for $13,200 later that month, but it bounced a few days later. He then sent a message to Psichopaidas saying he was scrambling to gather payment from a boat he sold to cover the bill.

Hansen never sent the promised replacement check, and was charged with issuing a bad check. He was released without bond and provided a written promise to appear in court.

*Photo credit Stamford Police