Another giant drug bust occurred just in time for the President’s State of the Union address. The Coast Guard is pleased to announce how they intercepted over 17 tons of cocaine on February 5th.

According to Coast Guard agents, the whopping 34,780 pounds of cocaine was seized from about 21 different boats. The vessels, all deemed drug-smuggling boats by the Coast Guard, had all been traveling in international waters in the Pacific Ocean when the federal agents stopped them.

Most of the drug boats were traveling along a well-known smuggling route. The drugs depart from the coasts of South America, Mexico and Central America and head directly toward Florida.

Six different Coast Guard agencies cooperated to make the busts including the Alert, Confidence, Venturous, Campbell, Hamilton and Forward. Dozens of agents participated in the drug seizures.

Admiral Karl Schultz, the commandant of the Coast Guard, spoke with Fox News about the impressive bust. He confirmed that the majority of the drugs were originally sourced from Colombia, but all of them were destined to illegally come into the United States.

Admiral Schultz told Fox News how his agency has successfully stopped 1.3 million pounds of cocaine from reaching our shores over the past several years. Their drug busts have netted at least 1,200 arrests.

These criminals usually offload their drugs in Port Everglades, but this time the cocaine was brought into the port by Coast Guard agents.

The street value of the cocaine is estimated to be an incredible $466 million.