April Jones, a teacher at a Collier County school, was just arrested for driving under the influence. According to reports, police officers found the teacher highly intoxicated while behind the wheel. The incident occurred in the early hours at around 3:37 a.m. The traffic stop happened on Immokalee Road where Jones was going excessive speeds.

Officials report the suspect was going 18 miles per hour over the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour. An officer noticed Jones speeding and pulled her vehicle over. The officer immediately smelled alcohol in the car. Deputies also noticed a man in the backseat. The passenger appeared to be passed out with his pants down.

The arrest report indicates that Jones told police she had picked up her intoxicated husband at a casino. She claimed she was on her way home, but deputies didn’t believe her story. According to officials, the school teacher was slurring her words, glossy eyes, barely able to keep her eyes open and had her chest slightly exposed in a provocative and intoxicated manner.

When asked about alcohol, the suspect refused to admit to having any drinks. Jones additionally refused to submit to an on-the-scene breathalyzer test. Upon refused, police officers decided to arrest the suspect on DUI charges.

April Jones was arrested and detained in the Collier County Jail. It’s unclear whether the suspect’s teaching job will be affected by their recent arrest, and it hasn’t been determined whether the suspect will be released on bail or not.