The Associated Press reports that the remains found at a New Mexico compound are those of a missing boy, according to his grandfather. However, authorities state that there is no definitive ID on them yet. The boy, who went missing from Georgia, was kidnapped in December by his father and marked for an exorcism. He was disabled and the father believed the exorcism would heal him.

The remains were found on Monday and cause of death has not been determined.

Authorities were searching for the boy’s father when they found the compound with the remains and 11 starving children, living in filth. The boy’s grandfather, Siraj Wahhaj, is a Muslim cleric who leads a popular New York City mosque and said he heard from other family members that the remains were those of his grandson.

Four other adults were arrested for alleged child abuse. According to court records, Wahhaj had been training the children to carry out school shootings. The elder Wahhaj did not know about any such training, but did say that the other children were all his relatives. He believes his son may have a psychiatric disorder.

The compound was discovered in December, but photographs didn’t show the missing boy or his father, so no search warrant was able to be obtained. The elder Wahhaj says he told law enforcement there were children there starving, allowing them to raid the compound. He told the media that his daughter, who was also at the site, sent an Atlanta man a note about the starving children and was asking him to send food. He then contacted law enforcement and sent the food to his daughter.

*Photo credit AP