Multiple law enforcement agencies throughout Connecticut teamed up together on July 18 to execute numerous outstanding warrants throughout the state.

The unprecedented joint effort to target citizens with misdemeanor and felony warrants netted an astonishing 197 arrests. By 6:45 P.M., the various agencies had successfully executed over 285 warrants. Some of the individuals did have multiple warrants that were executed at the same time.

Operation Praying Mantis involved the collaboration of 70 different police departments. The agencies worked together to research the most updated information on various individuals with warrants. Next, they documented the best information they could gather into intelligence packages. These packages were distributed throughout the state to the counties where the warrants were expected to be executed.

Police decided to execute the warrants by conducting a highly organized sweep across the state. Starting in Torrington, various agencies crisscrossed the state. This beautifully orchestrated collaboration was planned out by Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Police departments throughout the state were delighted with the outcome of their efforts.

Some departments did run into issues regarding their information packets. The Westport Police Department, for example, was not able to make any arrests in their jurisdiction. While attempting to execute their warrants, they found several of the addresses were incorrect. Some individuals couldn’t be located, so the department will be following up on these leads at a later date.

Other departments were extremely successful. The Hartford Police Department arrested at least six during the operation. One of the individuals was also discovered with narcotics, so additional charges will be brought against him.