news reports that Ronnie Keith Williams now faces charges in the death of a man who was the baby of his 18-year-old murder victim, Lisa Dyke, in 1993. Williams stabbed Dyke 18 times while she was pregnant with Julius Dyke, who died in December 2016. Julius lived with severe brain damage and scars from the attack when he was in the womb, couldn’t speak and had to eat and breathe through tubes his entire life. At the age of 24, Julius finally succumbed to the injuries and his death was ruled a homicide.

Williams now faces first-degree murder charges in the death of Julius. He is known for smirking in the courtroom when given the death penalty in 2004 for the murder of Lisa.

Julius spent his life being cared for by his grandmother, Margaret Dyke, who quit her singing career and lost her home in order to spend her life caring for him. She agreed with state attorneys to pressing murder charges for his death against Williams.

Lisa was babysitting on January 26, 1993 when a stranger knocked on the door and she answered. Williams was there holding a knife and proceeded to attack her. He had been convicted of raping a 9-year-old victim in 1982 and stabbing a woman in 1984 previously. He was released due to overcrowding in the jail and went searching for his ex-girlfriend.

After stabbing Lisa, Williams bit her back, breasts and buttocks. She lived for another 19 days and delivered Julius during that time and identified Williams as her attacker. Williams was initially convicted in 2003, but a new trial was granted due to juror error. His second trial in 2004 also led to a conviction and death penalty.


*Photo credit Bob Eighmie/Miami Herald/TNS