On September 1 of last year, shoppers of a Bristol Wal-Mart were horrified when Michael Heatherly was fatally shot in the parking lot. The crime occurred in broad daylight while the victim was walking back to his car, and first responding officers described the incident as a targeted killing.

After months of investigating the crime, police have arrested two individuals for murder. Investigators have revealed that they are the victim’s ex-wife and current husband. The Sullivan County grand jury indicted the couple, Ashley and Michael Strouth, for conspiracy to murder and first-degree murder charges.

The couple allegedly purchased or borrowed a rife and ammunition specifically to kill Michael Heatherly. Authorities are still seeking details and information about the weapon used in this crime. Documents compiled to present to the office of District Attorney additionally allege the couple performed internet searches on how to avoid police arrest and detection after murder. Further, the couple allegedly knew Michael Heatherly’s whereabouts and intentionally drove to his location to carry out the crime. The duo positioned their vehicle so that the driver, Michael Strouth, had a clear view of where the victim would be walking to his car.

The Tennessee Governor’s Office is still offering a $5,000 reward to information that leads to the conviction of these two suspects. Officers are seeking information regarding firearms that were sold to the couple. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Justin Bush at the Bristol Tennessee Police Department at 423-989-5530.