Mark D’Amico, a 39-year-old resident of New Jersey, has gone viral multiple times in the past several months. In the beginning, Amico was being praised for his heartfelt efforts to raise money for a homeless man who helped his girlfriend get gas when her car ran out on the side of the road. Now, he’s gone viral for being arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant.

Police confirmed the suspect’s arrest is completely unrelated to the now viral GoFundMe investigation. Amico and his girlfriend, Katelyn McClure, set up a donation account for homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt. The couple went viral after raising an incredible $400,000. It surfaced later, however, that the couple was refusing to pay out the money to Bobbitt, so the story again went viral. Bobbitt claims he only received about $75,000, and the couple took the rest. An investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Now, Amico is making headlines again when he was taken into police custody. According to police reports, the suspect was arrested in relation to charges stemming from a traffic stop back in 2017. During the October traffic stop, the suspect was accused of driving with a suspended license, driving with a broken taillight and refusing to turn his license over. He failed to appear in court for his traffic violation, so he was re-arrested in May of 2018. After being released on bail, he again failed to attend his court hearing.

In response, police reissued his arrest warrant on September 10. The next day, he was released on $500 bail. Now that his name and face have become a household story, it will be difficult for him to continue evading court dates and law enforcement officers.