Marquez White, the famous cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, was just arrested after police executed an arrest warrant for an incident that occurred last October.

The football star was implicated in a road rage occurrence on the Dallas North Tollway in 2017. The suspect was driving home when he went to exit the tollway. As he approached the exit, another driver appeared on the service road. The other driver wasn’t giving him any room to move over and exit, so the suspect began accelerating to get ahead of the driver.

The other driver became aggressive and angry over White’s actions. In a moment of anger, White hit on his brakes to slow down the other driver. White was shocked when the angry driver pulled up next to him, rolled down his window and began yelling racial slurs at the football star. The driver allegedly threatened to kill the suspect, and he started reaching around his car. White was frightened, so he held his own firearm in the air to let the other driver know he was carrying. He showed his weapon in an attempt to get the other driver to back down.

The other driver moved behind White and followed him all the way back to his apartments. The other driver then called police. Responding officers heard conflicting stories from the two parties. The other driver alleges that White pointed the weapon at him, while White argues he only flashed it. Ultimately, police decided to indict White on a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. White was taken into custody on June 15 for the incident after the indictment was formalized. He has met a $7,500 bond.