Many adults have daydreams about going back in time to relive their high school days, but one Dallas man took his fantasies too far when he attempted to make them a reality. The 25-year-old, Sidney Gilstrap-Portley, created a fake alias. His new identity was that of a 17-year-old Hurricane Harvey refugee, and he used the name Rashun Richardson.

He told the school district that his status of a refugee had left him homeless, so the Dallas officials temporarily waived ID requirements to allow him to start attending school promptly.

Richardson not only started attending Hillcrest High School, but he joined the school’s basketball team. His incredible skills caught the attention of those around him as he would often get 30 points or more in just one game. Richardson ultimately led his team to the playoffs, and he was officially recognized as the district offensive player of the year.

About nine months into the school year, one of Richardson’s former coaches recognized the rising star during a basketball game. Baffled, he tipped off authorities about the trickster’s true identity.

Gilstrap-Portley was arrested after a short investigation. He is being charged with tampering with government records. Investigators are also looking into claims that the 25-year-old was ‘dating’ a 14-year-old teenager. The mother of the young girl claims that the two did not have any sexual relationship, but she is astonished that the adult man was able to fool everyone into believing he was just a high school student. She is thankful that he was respectful, but she is warning the public about what could’ve happened if the man had other intentions. According to reports, Gilstrap-Portley is a father himself.