It’s natural to not want to let someone go after they have passed away. Cultures from around the world deal with this universal phenomenon in different ways, but one North Carolina woman grieved in a very bizarre and illegal way after her mother died.

The Enfield Police Department was originally alerted to suspicious activity when they learned 69-year-old Donna Sue Hudgins contacted a local funeral home to report her mother’s death. Hudgins told the funeral home employees that her mother’s body had been taken by first responders, and she wasn’t sure where the body could be. The funeral home attempted to track down the body of 93-year-old Nellie Mae Hudgins, but they did not have any success. After making several phone calls to locate the body, funeral home employees realized that Nellie Mae Hudgins had never been seen by emergency medical personnel. Baffled, they reached out to the Enfield Police Department for answers.

The Enfield Police Department began investigating the incident. They decided to do a welfare check on the 93-year-old in question, so police visited the woman’s home where Donna Hudgins also resided. Upon their arrival, police discovered a horribly decomposed body inside the household. Detectives confirmed the body had been inside the residence for several months. After interviewing neighbors, it was confirmed that a horrific odor had been coming from the home, but nearby neighbors believed it was a problem with the Hudgins’ sewer system.

Donna Hudgins admitted to police that she failed to report her mother’s death and kept her decomposing body for months because she was “curious to see the stages of death.” Donna Hudgins has been arrested and charged with felony concealment of a death. She is being held on a $5,000 bond, and her first court hearing is scheduled for November 7.