Rebecca Anderson has promptly been taken into police custody after authorities uncovered her horrific behavior against children in her care.

Anderson, a 60-year-old resident of Mesquite, was operating a day-care in Texas. Last week, a parent who utilizes Anderson’s services reached out to police. The couple had become concerned about their six-month-old’s treatment while at the daycare, so they decided to attach a small camera to his car seat. They were appalled when they picked up their son and reviewed the footage.

Parents were incredibly disturbed when the witnessed Anderson grabbing up their son from his seat by his ankle. Later, she pulls the youngster up by a bib that was attached around his neck. The parent’s nightmare did not end there. At some point in the video, Anderson clearly gives the six-month-old an unknown substance through a syringe.

Police immediately confronted Anderson in her home. At the time, she had several children currently in her care. Authorities were disgusted when they found the children locked in Anderson’s closet. The kids were all strapped into their car seats and the lights were off. Several of the kids had ligature marks around their necks because Anderson was using cotton shoelaces to prevent the kids from moving. Some of the laces were so tight that the children had to be cut free from their seats. When questioned about the mysterious substance given to the children, Anderson initially denied any wrongdoing. She later confessed to “probably” giving them Tylenol “to make them stop crying.”

The police were forced to arrest Anderson. The children’s parents were all notified to pick up their children, and authorities recommended that they be taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation. Anderson is being held on a $45,000 bond.