After several months of investigating, Drug Enforcement Agency officers have arrested New York Police officer Yessenia Jimenez for running an international heroin trafficking ring. At the time of her arrest, Jimenez was carrying her authorized service weapon and over $50,000 in cash. She has been suspended from her unit without pay, and she is charged with trafficking and weapons charges.

Prosecutors allege that Jimenez was helping her boyfriend traffic heroin, and the officer’s place of residence was being used to stash the drugs. During the DEA’s initial investigations, they found Luis Soto’s cell phone number on a narcotics trafficking suspect. Luis Soto, 33, was dating Yessenia Jimenez at the time. This week, the couple allegedly made a trip to Massachusetts and met with a well-known heroin trafficker. Police arrested the couple on their way back from Massachusetts. When investigators searched Jimenez’s home, they found over 250 grams of heroin.

Jimenez is being held on a $75,000 bond, and her boyfriend is being held without bail. Jimenez’s lawyer is arguing against the weapon-possession charge citing that she was legally carrying her NYPD authorized weapon, but no comments have been made regarding the trafficking charges.

Jimenez has been a seemingly proud member of the New York Police Department since 2015. Her public Facebook profile proudly displays her love of law enforcement and specifically the NYPD. She has several photos tagged with “Police Lies Matter”, and some with the blue line representing the police force. James O’Neill, New York Police Department Commissioner, has labeled these allegations as ‘troubling’.