Jose Daniel Munoz, a 39-year-old resident of Key Largo, was reported missing on December 11th, so when his brother saw his missing brother’s car driving along the highway, he followed it. He immediately reached out to local police while tailing the car. When the car eventually stopped at a local Walmart, the man who exited was not his brother.

Police arrived at the Walmart parking lot to investigate. Upon looking around the vehicle, police immediately recognized the distinct smell of human remains. Two men and one woman were inside the car when the officers approached. Police asked to search the vehicle where they found a body in the trunk. All three individuals were immediately taken into police custody.

Initially, one of the men gave police a false name and claimed to have borrowed the car from someone named “Spooky.” The suspect, later identified as Justin Lawrence Earnshaw, eventually decided to waive his rights and confess his crime to the Miami-Dade Police officers during questioning. According to Earnshaw’s statement, he became extremely angry at the victim when they were together in a hotel room. He punched the victim in the face before beginning to strangle him with his bare hands. The victim reportedly became unresponsive before Earnshaw decided to continue choking him with a phone cord. Afterwards, Earnshaw admitted to wrapping the victim in plastic bags and putting him in the trunk of the recovered vehicle.

Earnshaw has now been charged with multiple crimes including four counts of possession of cocaine, falsely identifying himself to police and one count of second-degree murder. He remains detained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.