Investigators are learning more about the suspect who shot three people at YouTube’s company headquarters in California. As they piece together information from various sources, a potential motive is becoming clearer.

Investigators now believe that suspect Nasim Aghdam attacked the headquarters because she disagreed with the video sharing website’s policies. Reports indicate that the suspect’s YouTube channel had recently been demonetized, and she had adamantly spoken against the company’s policies of “censorship and revenue”. She believed that her channel was being targeted with unfair restrictions that were preventing her from receiving views, growing her channel and earning revenue.

Police have now uncovered that the suspect had practiced her shooting skills at a gun range just hours before carrying out the attack.

Both the suspect’s brother and father told news reporters that they had warned authorities about Aghdam. They both believed that she “might do something” because of her extreme anger at the website’s policies. According the relatives of the suspect, she had gone missing days prior to the incident. She hadn’t told anyone where she was going and refused to answer phone calls from worried relatives. Mountain View police had contact with the suspect just hours before the shooting, and they found that she had travelled all the way from San Diego to an area close by YouTube’s headquarters. Despite warnings about the suspect’s enraged state, authorities did not have enough information to detain the suspect. Police described her demeanor as “calm and cooperative”.

YouTube released a statement explaining that the company plans on increasing security in all of its offices. They also revealed that their current safety measures prevented the shooter from entering the building from the courtyard.