Four new suspects have just been taken into police custody in Virginia related to the double murders of 38-year-old Lawrence J. Howell and his girlfriend. While Joshua Federico is already in jail for the murders, now his mother, brother and two friends have been caught up in the disturbing conspiracy. According to officers, each of the newly arrested suspects attempted to conspire to kill witnesses who were set to testify against Joshua Federico during his murder trial.

On December 7th, Wendy Federico and Joseph Federico were arrested. Each are facing three counts of conspiracy to commit capital murder and two counts of felony obstruction of justice. Joseph was additionally charged with solicitation to commit capital murder and attempted capital murder.

In addition, two friends of the murder suspect, Constantine Trikoulis and Laura Miller, were arrested for assisting Federico in murdering his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. Constantine reportedly took part in a scheme to kill witnesses, while Laura reportedly helped him with the murders. Investigators learned that the suspect and his former wife were undergoing a very nasty separation. Federico alleges that his wife cheated on her, possibly with the other murder victim. In response, his former wife accused Federico of “extreme cruelty.” She argued that throughout the marriage he had stolen money from her and caused her to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

These newest arrests have resulted in additional charges to the original double murder suspect. Now, Joshua Federico will be additionally charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit capital murder after trying to kill at least three witnesses set to testify against him.