Blake Havens, a 35-year-old resident of Beaver, has been arrested and charged with possession after putting police officers in danger during a recent traffic stop.

The Beaver resident was driving his 2001 Chevy truck when two officers on patrol noticed the vehicle make an unspecified traffic violation. The police stopped the vehicle and found reason to search the car. During the search, authorities seized a hypodermic needle, an unknown white powdery substance and pills.

The suspect’s jacket contained a Pall Mall cigarette pack where police found the white substance. The officer who found the substance accidently came into contact with it, and he immediately began having difficulty breathing. He was transported to the nearby Adena Pike Hospital where medical personnel administered Narcan. After securing the suspect, the second officer also began experiencing similar problems, so he was also given Narcan to treat breathing difficulties.

Havens eventually admitted to Police Sargent King that the unknown powdery substance was the dangerous street drug fentanyl. He claimed that an unknown street dealer in Chillicothe sold him the drugs earlier in the day. Despite the suspect’s admission, investigators will still be sending the various drugs to a laboratory to have them identified. The case will remain open and under investigation until the lab reports come back.

Two additional individuals were riding with the suspect. Russell Holowell and Steve Kemper were not charged with any crime, but they were offered medical treatment. It’s unclear whether the two passengers were affected by the drugs, but they did refuse the offer for treatment.