Police and pedestrians in California were horrified when a drunk driver swerved onto the sidewalk and struck at least nine people over the weekend. Initial reports indicate that some of the victims were even trapped underneath the suspect’s vehicle as he drunkenly continued forward.

The ordeal began at around 1:50 A.M. The intoxicated 22-year-old driver of a red Toyota Tacoma swerved into the sidewalk where hundreds of individuals were walking. According to police, the area is usually heavily populated due to nearby bars, restaurants and parking lots.

Horrifically, the vehicle smashed into at least nine people who were walking along. Some of the individuals became trapped underneath the vehicle until it eventually collided with a tree.

Thankfully, nearby witnesses rushed to the aid of the victims underneath the car. Life-saving measures were performed on some of the victims before emergency medical staff could arrive.

The victims range between 18 and 49 years old. Ten people were rushed to a nearby hospital, but it hasn’t been disclosed whether one of those individuals was the suspect.

Police quickly identified the driver as 22-year-old Christopher Solis. He has been arrested and charged with DUI involving great bodily injury.

Detectives are continuing to investigate what led to this horrible accident. They are currently looking for any available video footage of the accident, so they are asking anyone with camera footage to come forward. Police noted that at least three other cars also suffered damages from getting hit by the suspect.