Last July, an Ecuadorean immigrant from New York made national headline news when he was detained trying to deliver a pizza to a Brooklyn Army base. Pablo Villavicencio, the immigrant, became a central arguing point and catalyst for a widespread debate over the current administration’s immigration policies. Villavicencio was conducting a routine pizza delivery when he was arrested and sent to a holding facility by ICE agents. The suspect had an order dating back to 2010 to voluntarily leave the country. He obviously did not adhere to the order. Despite this, a federal judge later ordered him to be released.

Now, Villavicencio has been arrested again. This time, he is being charged with domestic violence after he got into a physical and verbal altercation with his wife. On October 22, police were called out to the Villavicencio residence. According to initial documents, Sandra Chica, Villavicencio’s wife, had been fighting with her husband when he pushed her up against the wall. Next, he slapped her body. Chica was scared, but her husband allegedly took her cell phone to prevent her from calling the authorities.

Police found enough evidence to detain Villavicencio under the suspicion of domestic assault. He is additionally being charged with criminal mischief due to taking his wife’s cell phone. Bruce Barket, the suspect’s lawyer, claims that the case against his client is weak. ICE officials confirmed that Villavicencio will not be taken into federal custody because he currently has immigration applications that are pending. He is seeking official citizenship through his marriage to Sandra Chica, who is a United States citizen. The couple has two small children together.