FOX News reports that a 32-year-old English teacher from California, Samantha Ciotta, has pleaded not guilty to felony charges after allegedly having an affair with a teenage student. The married mother of two is accused of engaging in drunken sex romps with an underage boy, and was arrested on September 20 of this year. She posted her $150,000 bond and was released the following day.

She is a teacher at Beaumont High, and faces one count of oral copulation with a minor and two counts of sexual intercourse with an underage boy last June, says FOX. Ciotta’s family was present at her court hearing on Wednesday this week, but her husband, who has filed for divorce and obtained temporary sole custody of their two children, was absent.

Ciotta became the subject to an investigation after a Snapchat video showed her wearing only “a shirt and panties” while drinking alcohol with two shirtless minors, according to Patch Press. At first, the underage student tried to cover for Ciotta so she wouldn’t get in trouble, but later told authorities the truth after she also had sex with his 19-year-old friend and said the student in question had “ruined her life,” says Patch.

The student told police he had sex with Ciotta five times and wasn’t sure how many times she had performed oral sex on him because he was often drunk for their romps.

One of the minors depicted in the video told an adult that evidence of the inappropriate video could be found on Ciotta’s phone. Police then obtained a search warrant and found the evidence on her phone, as well as handwritten notes explaining her relationship with the boy to her husband.

The boy’s guardian told reporters that Ciotta began helping him at school to raise his grades last year, and over the summer noticed a change in his behavior. He also was found to have an iPhone, new clothes and other items the guardian believed to be gifts from Ciotta.

Ciotta’s bail was set at $25,000, which was posted after court on Wednesday. She remains on paid leave from Beaumont High.

*Photo credit Patch Press