The Associated Press reports that the ex-boyfriend of a victim in a California blast has been arrested. Stephen Beal,59, has been charged with possessing an unregistered destructive device and will appear in court in Santa Ana. During a search of his home, agents found two “improvised explosive devices.” He is the ex-boyfriend of a woman killed in a Southern California office building explosion in Aliso Viejo earlier this week.

Ildiko Krajnyak, 48, was in a relationship with Beal, according to his son.

Beal is a rocket enthusiast and has acted in short films for years. He had recently split with Krajnyak.

Investigators have not disclosed what type of explosive material was used in the blast this week.

Beal’s son says the biggest rocket they built together contained only 5 pounds of fuel and multiple motors, and highly doubts the items found by investigators were destructive weapons.

Although authorities have not said whether the woman was the intended victim, another source close to the case has stated that she was.

Pieces of the device used were found inside a damaged spa located 50 miles outside of Los Angeles.

One of Beal’s neighbors told the media that he had witnessed the father and son building rockets in the yard multiple times, and that they were sometimes used as movie props.

Beal’s son could not comment whether his father had retained an attorney.

Investigators are now trying to nail down a motive for the blast and how the device got into the spa in the first place.

According to her neighbor, Krajnyak shared a home with her estranged husband and mother. The couple had filed for bankruptcy together in 2014 and the case was dismissed on Monday.

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