The Baltimore Sun reports that an ex-Virginia Tech student has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the case of a 13-year-old victim. David Eisenhauer has been charged with first-degree murder, abduction and concealing a dead body, and entered his plea in court just before his jury was selected on Monday, says the Sun.

In 2016, the victim allegedly escaped from her home through a window under the guise of meeting Eisenhauer after they met through a messaging app. He admitted to meeting with the minor, but left her after realizing how young she was, according to police reports. The girl’s body was discovered three days after she disappeared.

A friend of the Eisenhauer told police that he killed her in order to prevent anyone discovering their relationship. This friend, Natalie Keepers, has also been charged as an accessory in the case. Her trial is set to start in September.

Investigators have stated they believe the communication between the victim and Eisenhauer took place on the app Kik.

A friend of Eisenhauer reportedly told The Roanoke Times that he received a text from him about meeting a girl at a party but later discovering she was underage and was afraid she would report him. He also stated Eisenhauer asked him if he knew where he could hide a body.

In 2016, a neighbor of the victim told The Associated Press that she had told her friends about planning to sneak out to meet her “boyfriend,” who was named David.

Eisenhauer told detectives he arranged to pick the girl up but left after finding out she was a minor. However, Keepers told investigators that Eisenhauer told her he met the girl at a party and may have had sex with her, but couldn’t remember details. She also stated that it was possible the girl was pregnant and threatened to harm herself if Eisenhauer broke it off with her.

Keepers has told police she and Eisenhauer discussed ways to kill the victim, but insists she was not present for the murder. She faces accessory before the fact and concealing a dead body charges.

*Photo credit Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office via Reuters