Adrian Dreshaun Middleton, a 26-year-old resident of Texas, was arrested by police after a tragic incident left his one-year-old son deceased. The father has been charged with abandonment after leaving his two children in the backseat of a car while he shopped in a store for over an hour. During the time he was in the store, his six-year-old daughter accidently murdered her little brother.

The original incident occurred on May 20 in a parking area off of East Freeway IB. Middleton admits to leaving his two children, aged six and one, in the backseat while he went into the store. When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed his daughter crying. His six-year-old daughter reportedly told him that she needed to use the restroom and that she “did something bad.” At that point, the father noticed his one-year-old boy unconscious. A seatbelt was wrapped tightly around his neck and body. Middleton immediately called 911 and began implementing CPR on the youngster.

Paramedics arrived and brought the child to Texas Children’s Hospital. He was pronounced deceased a short time later. Police spoke with the six-year-old who confirmed the father’s story. She explained how she initially played with her baby brother but eventually became bored. The infant began crying non-stop, and the child grew increasingly frustrated. She admitted to wrapping the seatbelt around her brother, but she mistakenly believed he had fallen asleep.

Middleton has been charged with abandoning his two children when it was discovered that he was in the store for approximately one hour and 40 minutes. He turned himself into police upon learning about the charges against him.