FOX News reports that a father faces murder charges for killing a man who tried to follow his daughter into a bathroom stall. Melvin Harris III has been charged with second-degree murder for beating Leon Leevon Armstrong to death at a QuikTrip convenience store in Arizona.

Armstrong reportedly tried to enter the bathroom stall that Harris’s 16-year-old daughter was in, and he decided to “take care of” the situation himself. Harris, 40, was in the parking lot to pick up his daughter and her friends when Armstrong first approached him to ask for money. After Harris gave him some change, Armstrong went into the store. The daughter then came out and told Harris that a man tried to enter the stall she was in, and she alerted the store’s security.

When Armstrong left the store, she identified him as the man who violently shook the stall door trying to enter. Harris asked the security guard to do something about the situation or he would do it himself. He then approached Armstrong and attacked him before fleeing the scene.

Armstrong later died at the hospital after suffering brain swelling, loss of oxygen and a nose fracture.

Police found Harris at his home and arrested him. He admitted to hitting Armstrong, but said he didn’t throw the first punch. He also stated he didn’t hit him while he was on the ground.

*Photo credit Fox News Network LLC